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DoSell was founded by a diverse group of professionals, who despite specializing in different fields and having varied business backgrounds, had all experienced similar frustrations while trying to achieve the business and operational excellence that leads to success.


Yes, we’ve been there! From our own experiences in the enterprise sector, we know all too well the challenges that today’s business leader faces, from quality issues, design conflicts, schedule delays to the lack of proper management - never mind their sales and marketing departments constantly working under pressure to fill the top of the sales funnel. These burdens combined make it hard to focus on keeping clients happy and establish a good reputation. And a happy customer and great reputation will always be your best sales tool.


At DoSell, we are driven by a simple mantra: ‘Solve the business leaders’ daily problems’. Because we understand that while you may excel in one element of business, without the others, success will remain elusive.


Our goal is to help overwhelmed company owners and leaders reduce their business stress and costs with our open source hub of experts, in order to acclerate growth and achieve greater efficiency, and to prepare them to build their business to a global scale.


Our mission is to provide a seamless solution for companies that are finding it challenging to fit the puzzle pieces of success together, despite having world-class products ready to market that can change lives.


We believe in radical project execution and a pleasant customer journey. And we strive to deliver results customized to our client’s individual.


We founded DoSell because we knew we could make a difference. And we look forward to proving it to you!


Tibor ZahoreczFounder, Managing Partner 




DoSell is all about teamwork. The collaboration between our in house team and our carefully selected hub of global service providers who are proven in their field of expertise makes for powerful solution. Each and every one of us share a common goal: the commitment to providing our clients with expert partners to help them achieve their goals. We consult, we identify and we fix. Together.


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